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We started this site because we love Crypter and almost all the other popular word games as well. One of our favorites is Text Twist. You can also use this site to help you out with Text Twist as well.

eeye.us is a Word Generator, Word Decoder, Crypter Solver, and Crypter Word Finder to help you win every game of Crypter and Words With Friends. This Crypter Finder will help you be your best at Crypter, Words with Friends, Text Twist and Super Text Twist, Jumble, Lexulous, and Anagrams. You just need to enter up to 12 letters. The Crypter Finder will show you every word list you can make in Crypter and Words with Friends using the letters you have. Click on the word to get the Crypter point value as well as the Words With Friends point value. In Crypter, it is very important to know the 2 letter Crypter Words. These two letter words can help you get a lot of easy points. To see more Crypter Word Lists, check out the word list by length. You can find 2 letter Crypter words, 3 letter Crypter words, and everything up to 12 letter Crypter words.


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