The Way to Make Use Texting

I am attempting to re install my cipher text predicated on correspondence substitution (there is certainly not any fixed cancel). My purpose is to locate the main element.
That really is my text that is plain.
Until contemporary times cryptography known almost entirely to encryption that's the procedure of converting standard information into unintelligible text.
I generate a random substitution and getting some thing in this way.
Plain-text comprise only lower letters a.. z.
Distances " " are perhaps not ciphed.
I presumed when I utilize the english letter regularity I will simply replace probably the absolute most used letter from the encrypte text having the most used letter connection.
However, icant decrypt every thing. I only get an outcome in this way.
Untsl midein tsmes riyptigisphy iefeiied slmist exrlussvely ti enriyptsin whsrh wairuna that the piiress in case rinveitsng iidsnsiy snfiimstsin snti unsntellsgsble text.

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