In a world full of Kardashians be like Diana we all have heard this famous saying on the social media. But do anybody know that how these Kardashians have become so popular? By following the correct way of using social media. YES! By using the accurate way of using social media. Kardashians like Kendal and Kylie Jenner got opportunities and make their ways through internet. Both of these sisters have made their careers through internet. Kylie made her Instagram followers into customers after when she launched her product named as “Kylie Cosmetics” in 2015. And Kendal have made her modeling career through social media.

Most of the above their elder sister Kim Kardashians has made her ways through social media. Kim not only appreciate the gaming and apps era but she also knows how to gain PR from it. This famous businesswoman has used social media to build up her followers. According to her social media is the best way to promote the business. She herself is very interactive on twitter with her followers. And to update people about her daily-life she regularly updates her twitter, snapchat and Instagram accounts.

She gained popularity for being a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton, later her family appeared in a TV show named as “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which was a huge success for E!. In 2015, Time magazine included Kim in 100 most influential people. Notably, Kim Kardashian is the highly paid TV show celebrity in the same following year. Kardashian has released many products and clothing associated with her name. She has millions of followers on her Instagram, Twitter accounts. She has also published a book named “Selfish” in 2015. Vogue in 2016, stated her as the pop culture phenomenon.

kim get instagram likes over 1m every postKim Kardashian has been seen as the guest host on the Wrestle Mania XXIV and Guest judge on the America’s Next Model. Kim has become the face of the campaign for Fusion Beauty and Seven Bar Foundation launched “Kiss Away Poverty”. For supporting her husband Kanye West she better knows how to use social media as a tool. Many people give credit to Donald Trump for understanding the changed level of Social media and he knows how to use it and gain advantage. However, Kim Kardashian could probably give The Donald a run for his money in that department and her latest clash with Taylor Swift is a perfect example as to why.

Kardashian has been seen making tweets about her life and issues occurs in her life. Kardashian believes that the social media is the best way to sell the brand. Kim is very much conscious about her social media presence. She is very much cautious about her Instagram account. She posts certain things on Instagram. Her husband is usually out of the cut on her Instagram but her fans can get the sneak peak of her daily life on Snapchat.

Social media might use by celebrities to interact with people but they might use it for promoting their movies and their businesses. Love Kim Kardashian or Hate her but all might agree that she better knows many ways to use media and self-promote her business and is very efficient in using social media.

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