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Social media followers play an important role in making the marketing campaign of a product or service successful as now-a-days social media is the most powerful platform which is immensely used by the marketers to advertise and promote their products and brands. The more the number of social media followers marketers can attract, the better it is for the company and its profitability. This is really important yet challenging task for the marketers of a firm to increase the number of social media followers. If a brand wants to compete with its competitor, it has to increase the number of followers which is the responsibility of the marketers. In this way, a brand can get competitive edge over its competitors and the number of its potential buyers can be increased which may further helps in enhancing the profitability of the company.

In this article we will discuss about the importance of the social media followers for a marketing campaign and the strategies through which the marketers can increase the number of these followers over their social media accounts.


Importance of Social Media Followers

According to the research, more than 3 billion people use social media and the number of social media users is getting increased day by day. This is a huge population which follows social media for various purposes daily. As a marketer, it is a great opportunity for them to target this market and advertise their product over social media sites. According to a survey, the number of people watching and following television is getting decreased while the number of followers of social media sites is getting increased. It is an opportunity for the marketers to advertise and promote their brand and products over social media sites which is a cost-effective option for them rather than marketing the product over television advertisements which is an expensive option for them. According to a research, 88% of the brands in America use social media site to interact with the customers and more than 50% of the people have communicated with the companies and brands through their social media sites. So, it is very essential for the marketers to use the social media sites as an interactive and communicative platform for the customers and advertise its products or services over social media sites. To make it more effective, they have the responsibility to grow the number of social media followers over their companies or brands’ accounts.

Increasing the number of social media followers does not mean that there is a formula to implement and the marketers will get billion of followers over a night or two, they have to make various strategies to grow the number of the social media followers and it may take months or years to get the desired number of the followers. Following are some strategies that the marketers can use in order to enhance the number of social media followers over their accounts.

Strategies to increase Social Media Followers

Following are some strategies that the marketers may use to grow the number of its social media followers over social media accounts.

  • Be responsive: It is very important for a brand and its marketing team to be responsive for the customers to answer their queries on time. Customers want quick and easy access to the information they need for which they may prefer a brand that is most responsive and interactive over its social media sites.
  • Offer giveaways and discounts: Offering the customers attractive discounts and holding contests for giveaways can be an effective strategy to increase the number of social media followers.
  • Using relevant hashtags: Relevant hashtags should be used in the posts that are being shared over the brand’s account. In this way, people will get attracted to their page and may start following the accounts.
  • In-store promotion of social media sites: Promoting the social media sites in-store may encourage the customers to follow that brand on the social media as it will be a convenient option for the customers to go through the products or services just by tapping on their cell phones.
  • Prefer quality posts over quantity: Posts with quality content should be shared rather than sharing many posts which may not be relevant or not up to the standards of the customers. Through posting quality content may encourage more people to follow the social media sites of that brand which ultimately increase the number of social media followers.


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