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Who was in Ibn E Battuta and his Travel Guide?

The legend one and only Ibn E Battuta travel guide are one of the most famous artifacts of the world. He has been renowned by many in the world. The full name was Abdullah Muhammad Ibn e Battuta. He was known for his traveling across the world in the times when traveling was considered as life threatening. Ibn e Battuta spends almost half of his life walking across the regions just for his love of making journeys and exploring the new horizons in the world. His journeys were named as Rihla. Some say that Ibn E Battuta spends almost thirty years of his life on the traveling. In those years traveling could mean certain death and people were discourage if they were thinking of traveling. Ibn e Battuta was one of the people who explored the whole Islamic region. He was no king just a random person who wanted to journey different

What were his achievements?

Ibn e Battuta definition has no limits he not only visited Islamic world, but he also visited most of the Europe. Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, South Africa and Central Asia. These were difficult journeys because no particular map was developed for regions. Secondly, people use to kill people of different religions in these times. HE also visited China while he was visiting South East Asia. Ibn E Battuta was one of the people who didn’t fear for his life but kept his ambition high and might he didn’t stop but moved forward.

When did Ibn E Battuta start his journey?

The famous journey started from the East. As Muslim everyone wanted to visit Mecca. Ibn E Battuta first journey was directed towards the mecca. He traveled through one of the difficult seas of the world red sea. After this was done Ibn E Battuta moved towards the more Muslim countries. In later days of 1332, Ibn e Battuta decided to visit the most colorful country known as India known. When Ibn E Battuta was traveling to India, his popularity increased and reached towards the sultan of Delhi. The sultan was amazed and decided to welcome Ibn e Battuta. Society was so moved by the Ibn E Battuta traveling that he was appointed as the judge. After a long stay at India ibn e Battuta decided to travel again. He moved towards the African countries. After a long journey, he came back to his home in 1355. Ibn E Battuta journey was so amazing that people didn’t believe in him. Ibn Battuta was normally asked of the proof wherever he goes. He would take something that would describe the place itself. Those were the evidence of his visits to other countries.

When did Ibn E Battuta die?

After he came back to his country to his home. His traveling was recorded into the book. The book shows how the world was in 1355. People often took Rihla as a reference of the past. Ibn E Battuta was appointed judge after long life he died in 1368.

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